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March 2015 Archives

Misdiagnosis occurs in a variety of medical conditions

The concepts of being misdiagnosed by a doctor or a doctor failing to make a diagnosis are two concepts that most people don't think too much of. These are two concepts that can greatly affect patient care, even for patients who don't think they can be affected. Despite the improvements being made in the medical field, there are still issues that might be overlooked or not properly diagnosed. With as many as 98,000 dying annually because of medical errors regarding preventable diseases, learning about these medical errors might help some patients.

Doctor errors, malpractice falls with proper handoff procedures

Miscommunication is one of the things that can cause medical errors to occur. For example, if you come to the emergency room and tell the nurse you're allergic to a medication and she or he then verbally explains the allergy but misidentifies the medication, you could be at risk of injury. This is something that you and the medical team want to avoid, since it can mean a longer stay in the hospital for you and a mark on their records.

Is hyperemesis gravidarum a concern for Washington, D.C., women?

For a woman who has recently discovered she is pregnant, the joy of that discovery is sometimes overshadowed by morning sickness. While most pregnant women experience morning sickness, some women experience a severe form of morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum. This condition can make a woman miserable, so many women will seek out suitable treatments for the condition. As it turns out, some of those treatments aren't always safe for pregnant women. Pregnant women in Washington, D.C., might be interested in learning about this.

Who is liable for sidewalk injuries in Washington, D.C.?

To determine who may be liable for your injuries that you suffered due to a broken down or ill-repaired sidewalk, you need to know about premises liability laws in Washington, D.C. There are several factors that can affect your case. For instance, were you trespassing when you were hurt? If so, it may be damaging to your case, but it's also possible that it won't matter. That's because if a business owner knows a person could easily trespass in an area, he or she should try to give a reasonable warning about the risk of injury.

Lack of informed consent can constitute medical malpractice

Many medical procedures, such as surgeries or being given anesthesia, require that a patient sign a form that says he or she knows and accepts the potential risks of the procedure. This is known as informed consent. Our Washington, D.C., readers might be interested in learning more about what is included in the concept of informed consent.

Truck accidents with trains, safety issues to be addressed

Truck accidents don't only happen on the roads. In fact, trains can be impacted by a driver's poor decisions as well. A March 11 report has come out to discuss the importance of addressing grade-crossing safety issues and derailments, so accidents can be avoided.

Pure contributory negligence can affect Washington, D.C., cases

Those who are involved in an accident that they feel was caused by another person's negligence might wonder if they have a case to seek compensation from the liable party. Part of that answer depends on the principles of contributory and comparative negligence, depending on where the accident occurred. In Washington, District of Columbia, the principle used to determine if someone seeking compensation is eligible for a monetary award is called pure contributory negligence.

Demand the standard of care you deserve in Washington, D.C.

In a past article, you read about a dentist who had been charged with homicide following the death of a patient in his care. Her dental surgery went horribly wrong, leaving her in critical condition and eventually dying during the procedure. Her health history suggested that she shouldn't have been exposed to so much stress by pulling multiple teeth and keeping her under anesthesia, yet the doctor continued.

Uncleared sidewalks are hazardous conditions after snow storms

A quick look out the window will let our neighbors in Washington, District of Columbia, know that winter is upon us. The frosty sideways and snowbanks are something that makes some people smile and others groan. Those sidewalks are also a source of work for anyone who owns a property and some who rent a property in our city. Because of codes in the DC Municipal Code, these people are responsible for making sure that the sidewalks and walkways on their property are clear.

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