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Dangerous product: Liquid nicotine cartridges pose risk to kids

Recently, people have been turning to electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes. While many people have touted those e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, there is some concern coming to light about the safety of the cartridges used in those devices. The issue is that brightly colored packaging, catchy names and easy access are leading to poisonings. Our Washington, District of Columbia, readers with children and grandchildren might be interested in learning about this danger.

The danger to children is so high that the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015 has been introduced into the United States Senate. It calls for child-resistant packaging for all liquid nicotine products that are sold to consumers. These liquid nicotine products are those that are used to vape from an e-cigarette.

In one incident involving a vape cartridge, a 1-year-old boy died after ingesting liquid nicotine. Only one teaspoon of the substance can kill a child. Even if the liquid nicotine doesn't kill the child, it can make the child sick with vomiting and nausea. It isn't hard to see why children would be drawn to the packages. They are often bright and colorful. Some have catchy names like Bubble Gum that would appeal to a child.

As it stands, e-cigarettes are only subjected to the Food and Drug Administration's monitoring program if they are sold as therapeutic devices. The FDA is trying to change that so that it can exercise more authority over these potentially harmful products.

There is no reason for a product like this to have a chance to harm children. Anyone who has a child who has been harmed or killed by liquid nicotine should determine if he or she wants to pursue compensation. Doing so might bring some relief from the financial impact of the ordeal.

Source: Consumer Reports, "Manufacturers: Make e-cigarette liquid nicotine packaging safer" Jan. 30, 2015

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