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February 2015 Archives

Tips to help you after a car accident

We have often covered traffic accidents in posts on this blog. Those posts are a good reminder for our readers that you should always be prepared for an accident to occur. Just because you are a safe driver doesn't mean that others on the roadways are going to be safe. With that in mind, we want to take an opportunity to remind our Washington, District of Columbia readers about what they should do after the accident occurs.

Dentist charged with homicide, surgical errors over patient death

Dentistry is a field that can cause massive harm to a patient's body through invasive and sometimes painful procedures. Typically, dental assistants, surgeons and dentists in general take the time to make sure their patients are calm and in a healthy condition before starting a procedure. If a procedure looks like it isn't going to be able to be finished or the patient becomes distressed, most on the team would call it off and help the patient. That's what most people would expect to happen, and it's likely what you think should happen, too.

Medical malpractice statistics and facts

In one of last week's posts, we discussed some of the basics of medical malpractice. We know that our Washington, District of Columbia, readers might want to know more about medical malpractice. There are some facts about medical malpractice that some of our readers might not know.

Over 150 crashes pile up in Virginia and DC area due to snow

Car accidents can result in sudden injuries, deaths and life changes for those involved. Living in Washington, D.C., you're familiar with how quickly weather patterns can change and know that when the roads are bad, it's best to avoid driving. Recently, the poor driving conditions proved dangerous for over 150 people involved in crashes in Virginia. Two of the crashes resulted in deaths.

Pepperidge Farm recalls potentially dangerous product

When you go to the store to purchase groceries, you expect that the labeling on the packages is accurate. This is especially important for people who have allergies. For those people, something as simple as one omitted ingredient can prove troublesome. In some cases, it can be deadly. Our Washington, District of Columbia, readers might be interested to know of a recall issued recently for Pepperidge Farm bagels after a notification from a bakery about the potential presence of nuts in products that don't normally contain nuts.

What are some common medical malpractice questions?

When you're looking into filing a medical malpractice claim in Washington, D.C., you need to understand several things. First of all, you need to be able to prove that medical negligence, abuse or malpractice took place. This can be done with the help of other doctors in the field and by showing your medical information to the courts. Once you think you're ready to head to court, consider these commonly asked questions.

Premises liability: Slipping on ice in Washington, D.C.

Imagine walking down the street. It's a little slick out, but you get to the store you wanted to go to without any problems. Suddenly, you slip and fall when you step into the store's entryway. There were no signs to indicate wet floors, but ice and water had pooled there. Now you've been left with a twisted ankle and head injury that has to be treated at the local hospital. What happens now? Who's going to pay for the injury you've suffered?

Dangerous product: Liquid nicotine cartridges pose risk to kids

Recently, people have been turning to electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes. While many people have touted those e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, there is some concern coming to light about the safety of the cartridges used in those devices. The issue is that brightly colored packaging, catchy names and easy access are leading to poisonings. Our Washington, District of Columbia, readers with children and grandchildren might be interested in learning about this danger.

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