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January 2015 Archives

Hospital negligence can harm senior citizens

When an elderly person visits a hospital for medical care, there are special considerations that everyone who cares for the person must take into account. A sad reality is that many hospitals don't have the tools and staff necessary to provide proper care for the aging population. Some of these vulnerable patients can fall victim to a variety of problems during any hospital stay, even one that should be routine.

What are brain injuries like?

Living with a brain injury in Washington, D.C., is a difficult and tiring road. The consequences of your injury can be unpredictable, making it hard to know what else you may be faced with. Brain injuries can cause changes in your personality, in the way you act or even in the way you think, making it harder for you to get through daily tasks without a challenge.

Get the compensation needed after a misdiagnosis

If you're suffering from a disease or disorder in Washington, D.C., you know that a misdiagnosis is the last thing you want to deal with. You already suffer from pain and side effects from the problem you're having, and a diagnosis error isn't likely to help you get better any time soon. Not all misdiagnoses are the fault of your doctor, but in some cases, if negligence or a simple lack of concern for your case is the issue, then you may be able to seek compensation for your suffering and ongoing injuries.

Are broken bones from car accidents serious injuries?

When you are involved in a car accident, you might be injured. One of the injuries that can occur is a broken bone. A broken bone or fractured bone is an injury that requires emergency medical care. If you have a fractured bone or broken bone, you will need to immobilize the area and take steps to prevent infections if the broken bone has penetrated the skin. Our readers in Washington, District of Columbia, might be interested in learning about broken bones.

Get compensation after a birth injury in Washington, D.C.

Birth injuries can be some of the most traumatic injuries; they can leave a child with long-lasting and devastating injuries that take years, if not a lifetime, to recover from. Birth injuries can also result in an expecting mother suffering injury, especially if she is not diagnosed with a condition or treated on time during delivery.

What is an auto defect recall?

It seems as though there are always automotive recalls being announced on television, by mail, via email and through other means. With the prevalence of automobiles on the roadways, the speed at which they travel and the size of vehicles, it is vital that they function as intended so that people don't get harmed while traveling. Our Washington, District of Columbia, readers might like to know the answers to some basic questions about motor vehicle recalls.

Truck accident results in injuries for 1 in Washington, D.C.

According to an article from Jan. 5 out of Washington, D.C., a food truck was the cause of an accident that took place in a parking garage in Northwest D.C. This accident resulted in the injury of one person, the report indicated.

How can you prevent medication errors?

In our last post for 2014, we discussed how you have the right to seek compensation when prescription errors cause you harm. These errors can lead to serious issues down the road, so it is imperative for all of our Washington, District of Columbia, readers to know how to cut their risk of suffering harm from medication errors.

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