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December 2014 Archives

You have a right to compensation for prescription errors

When you make an appointment to see a doctor, you expect that the medications you receive are right for you. Many times, the doctor may get a prescription correct, but if a pharmacy gets the mixture or pills wrong and fills the wrong prescription, then you could be at risk of taking a drug that wasn't meant for you. In any case, when you receive the wrong medication, you could be at risk of serious injuries or even death due to interactions.

Delayed diagnosis of aneurysms can be deadly

When a person suffers a brain injury or has other brain issues, getting prompt treatment can often minimize the long-term effects. One such injury occurs when a person suffers from an intracranial aneurysm. A patient with a brain aneurysm needs emergency medical care that mustn't be delayed for any reason. Our readers in Washington, District of Columbia, might like to know more about aneurysms so they can understand why prompt treatment is so vital.

Doctor errors, medical mistakes lead to cut in Medicare funding

Imagine going to the hospital for help for a sickness but instead catching an illness that makes you worse. That's the last thing that anyone wants to have happen, and Medicare has decided to slash payments to hospitals that have high infection and injury rates. According to the news report, 721 hospitals suffered from the payment cuts. These penalties were assessed against some of the most renowned hospitals in the United States, too; some included Brigham, the Cleveland Clinic and Women's Hospital in Boston.

Accurate diagnosis prior to power morcellation is unlikely

In our past two posts, we have discussed the recent news regarding power morcellators being used in gynecological surgeries. This tool has been used to cut up uterine fibroids, and in some cases, the uterus, so it could be removed laparoscopically. It was touted to have saved women from more invasive surgery; however, it turns out that the power morcellator might not be all it seemed.

Power morcellation and medical malpractice: Spreading disease

Power morcellation, which is completed using a morcellator, is a surgery that essentially cuts up organs in a woman's body for a hysterectomy or other procedure in the abdomen. This surgery has been used by doctors in the District of Columbia along with much of the United States.

Medical malpractice and diagnosis errors: Making a claim

A diagnosis error can be one of the most serious errors in all of medicine. Failing to catch a cancerous tumor, misdiagnosing epilepsy or asthma or sending away a heart attack patient can be deadly. When you're faced with the death of a loved one or a personal injury due to a misdiagnosis, do you know what to do next? Many times, you will have to bring a lawsuit against the doctor or medical provider responsible in order to get the compensation you need.

Hour regulations aim to reduce truck accidents

Being involved in a trucking accident can lead to horrifying injuries. This is one of the reasons why truck drivers are bound by hours of service regulations. These regulations are meant to reduce driver fatigue so that commercial motor vehicle drivers aren't so tired that they begin to drive carelessly. For Washington, District of Columbia, residents, knowing the basic regulations might prove very helpful if they are ever involved in a trucking accident.

You deserve compensation after a commercial truck accident

Driving in Maryland or Washington, D.C., should be safe; if all drivers were aware of their surroundings and all vehicles were in good shape and proper condition, many people would be safer than they are. Unfortunately, car and truck accidents happen all too often, and that means you may be in need of direction when it comes to a court case to recoup your costs.

Product liability: Gluten-free foods may contain lupine

For people who eat a gluten-free diet, there is a potential hidden danger that isn't evident from the label. The danger is in the form of lupine. Some of our Washington, District of Columbia, readers might be interested in reading about why lupine is a hidden danger.

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