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Crashes increasing, Washington, D.C., report claims

Here are some facts from an interesting news article that you may be interested in if you drive frequently in the Washington, D.C., area. The July 23 report covers several interesting facts about driving in the busy capital of the United States, and it reviewed data from 2010 through 2012.

According to the news story, the district's population has a direct link to how many car accidents there are. The story claims that in 2012, there were 18,428 crashes, and that was higher than any other year since 2001. The population had also grown, showing that as the population becomes denser, car accidents are more likely to take place.

Interestingly, the story also claimed that while turning left, changing lanes, and backing up could all lead to crashes, most crashes happened when cars were moving straight ahead. Over 50 percent of the time, drivers weren't doing anything except moving straight ahead when they got into accidents.

The most commonly reported accident in Washington, D.C., was shown to be side-swiping, closely followed by rear-end collisions. The news claims that around 10 percent of side-swipe crashes resulted in injuries, but rear-end collisions were more severe. Of rear-end collisions, 38 percent resulted in injuries. Worse than rear-end collisions were head-on collisions, which caused injuries in almost half of the 463 accidents that took place in 2012. In three of those cases, someone was killed in the accident.

These are just some of the interesting facts the report covered, as it tried to explain the damage drivers and population growth were causing on the roadways. Your car accident could have been caused by any number of reasons, but if it's due to a negligent driver, you could have a right to seek compensation.

Source: The Washington Post, "Men are worse drivers, reading causes more crashes than eating, and 6 other facts about D.C. accidents" Julie Zauzmer, Jul. 23, 2014

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