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August 2014 Archives

Know your rights for medical malpractice cases

For anyone who has a medical ailment, going to the doctor for a diagnosis and treatment is usually one of the first things that comes to mind. If you sought treatment from a medical professional and didn't get the diagnosis or treatment plan you needed, your thoughts might turn to the "what ifs." What if the missed diagnosis made your ailment worse? What if the incorrect treatment plan leads to lasting harm? What if the inappropriate prescription caused more harm than good?

Report claims Washington, D.C., drivers among the worst

Have you gotten into a truck accident or car accident recently in Washington, D.C.? A new report has come out with information that you should know about drivers in Washington, D.C., because it seems the number of accidents is increasing. According to the Allstate annual America's Best Drivers Report, Washington, D.C. ranked among the worst city for crashes thanks to its drivers.

Wrong way driver causes fatal moped versus flatbed truck accident

A member of the District of Columbia Fire and EMS made a statement that said accidents like the one that killed a woman on a moped take a toll on the workers. He went on to say that despite the horrific event, the D.C. Fire and EMS members are still trained to respond to those serious accidents.

Heat-related illnesses in Washington, D.C. football preventable

Interestingly, experts have now said that there is more than can be done to prevent heat-related deaths in football, and you might want to take interest in this report, since it talks about the lack of proper precautions in Washington, D.C. It's possible premises liability could kick in for these situations, since studies have been done to prove methods to prevent injury and death from heat-related illnesses. In the last several years, a number of people have died from heat-related illnesses on the field. This is in part due to heat acclimation not being done correctly, leading to overheating and heat stroke.

Civilian police cadet blamed for fatal car accident on interstate

Getting into an accident at a high rate of speed is something that isn't all that uncommon for people driving on the interstates in the country. Sadly, some of those accidents turn fatal. A recent accident along Interstate 495 is one of the accidents that involve a fatality, but this one had an unexpected twist. This accident might interest our readers in Washington, District of Columbia, because of that twist.

Where are you most likely to get in a crash in Washington, D.C.?

If you live in Washington, D.C., and have recently been in a car accident, you may want to make sure that you don't run into problems again. A recent article described the most dangerous intersections in Washington, D.C., so you can avoid them if you need to. Of course, there are many factors that apply to car and truck accidents, but these are the locations most likely to cause problems.

Physician assistants, patient care and medical malpractice

With the ever-changing health care field, it should come as no surprise that patients might start to notice differences when they go to the doctor's office. One of those changes might be that you never actually see the doctor. If you are wondering exactly how that will happen, you aren't alone. Readers of our blog from Washington, District of Columbia, might find this new trend interesting.

Congress reportedly should act to reduce medical malpractice

Medical malpractice happens across the United States. In Washington, D.C., this isn't taken lightly, and there have been talks about ways to prevent and track harm to patients, preventable deaths and injuries in hospitals. It's claimed that these injuries and deaths will continue to take place unless Congress steps up and takes action to require stricter safety standards.

Home premises liability claimants in the District of Columbia

Premises liability claims can be very complex legal claims in which the complainant must establish the negligence of the defendant. Despite the complexity of these cases, people who have been injured on another person's property might be able to successfully win compensation.

Crashes increasing, Washington, D.C., report claims

Here are some facts from an interesting news article that you may be interested in if you drive frequently in the Washington, D.C., area. The July 23 report covers several interesting facts about driving in the busy capital of the United States, and it reviewed data from 2010 through 2012.

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