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July 2014 Archives

Slip and fall accident claims life of Airman at local hotel

Going to stay at a hotel is something that is usually done only after considerable thought. You usually want to make sure the hotel is clean and safe. In some cases, doing your due diligence prior to check in will suffice; however, there are instances in which accidents at the hotel can happen. These accidents might end up being very serious. A recent accident at a Washington, District of Columbia, hotel shows how serious these accidents can be.

Update describes GM's lack of responsibility for auto defect

If you've followed the news about how General Motors has been allegedly hiding information about dangerous problems within its vehicles, then this new update may be interesting to you in Washington D.C. It claims that the company was aware of its dangerous products, but it did nothing to recall vehicles despite the potentially-lethal problems in the cars.

Truck accident kills Turnpike worker, pronounced dead on scene

For people who are commuting to and from Washington, District of Columbia, driving on the New Jersey Turnpike might be a normal daily activity. While you are on the Turnpike, keeping a vigilant watch over everything going on around you is vital to ensure that you and the others on the road remain safe. When drivers miss anything that is going on, the effects can be catastrophic. An accident that happened on July 10 in Kearny shows how tragic accidents on the Turnpike can be.

Do District of Columbia teens buckle up?

Residents in the D.C. area know that buckling up can save lives, but what about our young people? How aware are they that seat belts save lives in car crashes? One young 18-year-old girl stated that she often has to remind her male friends to buckle up. If they don't want to do so, she threatens to stop the car - and good for her!

Claims made that pedestrians are in danger in District of Columbia

A group known as All Walks D.C. has recently claimed that the District of Columbia is not doing enough to help out pedestrians in the city. This comes despite the fact that the fatality rate for bicyclists and pedestrians in the area is very close to the bottom when looking at rankings for major cities across the United States. In fact, according to the Alliance for Biking and Walking, only two cities have better rankings than D.C.

Bicyclists injured in car accident, drunk driver blamed

The number of car accidents involving bicycles is outrageous in the Washington, District of Columbia, area. In fact, the Anne Arundel police have responded to five motor vehicle accidents that involved bicycles from June 26 to July 1. One of these accidents involved an alleged drunk driver who ran into two bicyclists.

Should prescription medications share the same name?

The name of medications may have more to do with medication errors than you'd think. Similar names can be confusing, and even a minor mistake can lead to patients getting the wrong medication. A July 2 report has said that the FDA has been urged to stop giving biosimilar drugs unique names, because it could lead to confusion. Some have argued that this could lead to a slowdown in the U.S.'s attempt to lower drug costs, however.

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