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Truck accident may not have been cyclist's fault in D.C.

Imagine that you were hurt in a truck accident in Washington, D.C. You have evidence that it was someone else's fault, yet you are given a ticket for the accident. What would you do? In this case from May 20, a bicyclist has been caught in this very situation, and he is now contesting the ticket and charges.

According to the story, the cyclist was given a $100 ticket for his part in a minor traffic accident. He reportedly has a video to prove that it wasn't his fault, despite being given the ticket. At the time of the accident on May 9, a pickup truck cut the man off in traffic. He reported that the truck driver got out of the vehicle and started a verbal altercation with him.

They allegedly argued over who was at fault for the truck accident, and at one point, the truck driver told him that he hadn't been in the bike lane. According to the news, the bikers are allowed to use the full lane on that road. After trying to explain that fact, the truck driver picked up the man's bike and threw it over the bed of his truck and into another lane of traffic.

The bicyclist was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but the D.C. police issued him a ticket claiming that he had been following the truck too closely. According to their report, witnesses had said he was following too close and that the truck was stopped when it was hit. The truck driver didn't receive a ticket at all.

The bicyclist has argued that his bike received around $400 of damage from the crash. Following the reveal of the video, police have said that they will investigate again. If the investigation discovers that the truck driver is at fault, he may face a charge for destruction of property. Anybody injured in a traffic accident should get help to make sure that all the evidence is correct so that court proceedings can move forward in a fair manner.

Source: CBS Local Washington D.C., "D.C. Police Investigating $100 Ticket For Cyclist Who Caught Incident On Camera" No author given, May. 20, 2014

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