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Maryland accident related to 1 in Oregon, according to news

Here's a story that might make you a little more concerned about your safety on the roads in Maryland, especially if you live near a tunnel or know about the superstition about holding your breath as you pass through a tunnel. A teenager allegedly caused a car accident by holding his breath while driving a vehicle through a tunnel; Unfortunately, he passed out. In cases like this one, the negligent act is almost unbelievable, but it shows that any in-car game or activity can result in crashes, just like texting or talking on a cell phone.

According to the story, a 19-year-old boy was holding his breath as he passed through a tunnel in Oregon, a game that is well-known in Maryland and other states. When he passed out from the lack of air, he crossed the centerline and collided with a Ford Explorer. Both vehicles then struck the interior walls of the tunnel. Four people were hurt in the crash, and one of them was reportedly seriously injured.

What's shocking about this story is that it isn't the first time this kind of accident has taken place. You might have heard about a case that took place in Maryland in 2011. A man posted a video while he attempted to hold his breath while passing through a tunnel, gasping for air once he reaches the other end. It's not clear how many people have been affected by the video, but it would seem that the game itself has spread across the U.S.

Holding your breath might not cause any issues in a short tunnel, but the tunnel where the teen crashed recently was 772 feet long. While it takes only around 10 seconds to pass through a tunnel if you're traveling 55 mph, if you were to slow down or have trouble starting to breathe again outside the tunnel, you could suffer a similar accident. The police have reportedly Tweeted that drivers shouldn't play games on the road. They have not reported any charges in this instance.

Source: New Hampshire Public Radio, "Teen Causes 3-Car Crash While Holding Breath Through Tunnel" No author given, May. 27, 2014

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