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June 2014 Archives

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Medical malpractice, cover-ups

Recently, a 119-page report on the Department of Veterans Affairs was released by Senator Tom Coburn, and it claims that the system has a culture of cover-ups, crimes, coercion and incompetence. In past reports that you may have read, there have been accusations that the VA had been falsifying scheduling records to hide treatment delays. Coburn claims that those issues are just the tip of the iceberg.

Dangerous product alert: Wegamans ice might contain metal

Summer fun is upon us. That means that people are going to be grabbing bags of ice to keep soft drinks, foods and other beverages cold despite the heat. While purchasing ice might seem like something that is a minor purchase, it actually isn't always safe. Washington, District of Columbia, residents might like to know about a recent recall involving Wegmans bagged ice.

Morgan's truck accident causes federal law discussion

By now, many people have heard about the truck accident that nearly killed actor and comedian Tracy Morgan. That case, although it took place in New Jersey, applies to nearly every state in the U.S. In Washington, D.C., it's important to consider this case and it's implications, because it could directly affect truck drivers and your safety on the roads.

Dump truck accident ends with serious injuries for woman

Driving a dump truck is something that should only be done if the driver is fully alert and aware of what is going on around the truck. When a driver fails to drive safely or doesn't pay attention to what is going on around the truck, serious accidents can occur. A recent incident involving a dump truck in the District of Columbia left a woman seriously injured.

Maryland accident related to 1 in Oregon, according to news

Here's a story that might make you a little more concerned about your safety on the roads in Maryland, especially if you live near a tunnel or know about the superstition about holding your breath as you pass through a tunnel. A teenager allegedly caused a car accident by holding his breath while driving a vehicle through a tunnel; Unfortunately, he passed out. In cases like this one, the negligent act is almost unbelievable, but it shows that any in-car game or activity can result in crashes, just like texting or talking on a cell phone.

Are medical malpractice laws set to change for wrongful births?

For most people, finding out they are expecting a baby is a joyful experience that can't easily be topped. Sadly, that joy is sometimes diminished if they learn that the baby will have severe birth defects. For others, it isn't until birth that they discover the child has a birth defects. In that case, some parents have opted to file wrongful birth lawsuits as a way to get compensation that might help to cover medical expenses for the child. Washington, District of Columbia, residents might be interested in a bill going before lawmakers that might change that right.

Trucker killed after truck crash caused by negligence

In many truck accidents, it's more often the case that the trucker survives, since the truck can provide more protection during an accident. However, in this situation that took place in Virginia, a fuel tanker driver was killed due to a woman's reckless driving, according to the news from Washington D.C. The May 16 report states that the woman has been charged with reckless driving along I-66 since the truck crash resulted in a man's death. Further investigations could lead to more charges.

Car accident victim succumbs to injuries at hospital

Drivers around the country, including those in the District of Columbia, have likely seen public service announcements and billboards reminding them to keep an eye out for motorcycles. Sadly, not all drivers are heeding that warning, and it is ultimately the motorcycle riders who pay the price for the driver negligence. A recent fatal accident should serve as a reminder for drivers to always watch for motorcycles.

Truck accident may not have been cyclist's fault in D.C.

Imagine that you were hurt in a truck accident in Washington, D.C. You have evidence that it was someone else's fault, yet you are given a ticket for the accident. What would you do? In this case from May 20, a bicyclist has been caught in this very situation, and he is now contesting the ticket and charges.

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