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May 2014 Archives

Misdiagnosis of veteran and other claims settled in 4 lawsuits

The Veterans Affairs Medical Centers have been in the news recently for the horrible way they are treating the men and women who fought so hard to defend our nation. The Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic isn't exempt from this horrid treatment of former servicemen and women. In fact, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has paid almost $1.4 million to four families whose loved ones died due to medical malpractice at the clinic.

Car crash near D.C. leads to lake, then hospital

In Montgomery Village, which is near Washington, D.C., two cars were involved in an accident that ended up sending both drivers to the hospital. The accident took place in the evening, on a Thursday. It was not an ordinary crash, either, as one of the cars involved careened off the road, went down a short embankment, and plunged into the water of a lake at the bottom of the hill.

Dangerous product from Avon poses eye injury risk

Women who use makeup tools as part of the process for putting on makeup are placing trust in the company that manufactures the tool, as well as the company that sells the tool. A recent recall by Avon shows that this trust is sometimes broken. When that happens, injury can occur. Women who use Avon eyelash curlers in Washington, District of Columbia, might be interested in reading about this recall.

Medical malpractice linked to deaths of veterans across country

As a veteran, you expect the care you deserve. You may have been hurt in the line of duty, or you could have been faced with long-lasting mental injuries. If you're a family member of a veteran who has passed away during treatment at a Veteran's Affairs hospital, then you may be concerned. According to the report from May 14, you may have a reason to be.

Forced C-section leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

When a woman gets pregnant, she might start to form a birth plan. For women who have had a Cesarean section with one or more previous births, the question about a vaginal birth after C-section might come up. If the woman feels a VBAC is in her best interests, she might actively seek out a doctor who will allow her to attempt one. A recent lawsuit regarding a hospital's refusal to allow a woman to have a VBAC might interest pregnant women in the Washington, District of Columbia, area.

District of Columbia rates poorly on hospital safety review

When you head to the doctor or hospital, you want to know that you'll be well cared for. A delayed diagnosis or medication error could seriously hurt you, and if that happens, you may have a medical malpractice case. Knowing more about your situation and what your options are is always the first step to making sure you're compensated and cared for correctly.

Bill introduced might lower number of drunk driving accidents

Accidents caused by drunk drivers can be very serious. These accidents can often cause serious injuries or deaths and destroy property. Of the more than 30,000 fatalities that occur annually on U.S. highways, approximately one-third can be attributed to a drunk driver. If one mayoral nominee in the District of Columbia has it her way, the legal limit for the blood-alcohol level will be lowered. This could reduce the number alcohol-related fatal car accidents.

Car slams into bus stop, injures 1 in District of Columbia

A two-car accident in Washington D.C. ended up involving a woman who was just trying to wait for the bus. She was sitting in a Metrobus stop when the accident occurred; specifically, she was in the shelter that is at F Street and 7th. Two cars collided on the street in front of her, though it is unclear exactly how the initial accident occurred.

Medication errors might be reduced with barcode technology

Going into the hospital, you expect that you will get proper care. You likely expect that nurses and other staff members will give you the proper medications according to a schedule set by your doctor. Sadly, that isn't always the case. Instances of medication errors do occur, and they can often lead to patient harm. A recent study published in the "American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy" shows that there are ways that hospitals can help to reduce the number of medication errors.

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