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April 2014 Archives

Airport officer hit by truck in the District of Columbia

An airport officer was involved in an accident that left him briefly hospitalized after he was hit by a tractor trailer truck in the District of Columbia. The truck itself was being operated for UPS, and it was driving down the Dulles Toll Road when the accident occurred. The reports do not indicate what caused the accident, but they do note that another car was also involved. The report says that the UPS truck hit the second vehicle as well.

Misdiagnosis is a bigger problem than previously expected

For many people in the District of Columbia and around the nation, going to the emergency room is a last resort when something is wrong that can't wait for a normal office visit. For some Americans, a community health clinic is the first option when a medical concern creeps up that can wait until regular clinic hours. When going into the emergency department or a community health clinic, patients expect to get proper testing, diagnosis and treatment for the condition or illness that sent them to the emergency room. While that happens in most cases, a new estimate is that at least one out every 20 emergency room patients and community health clinics doesn't receive the proper diagnosis.

Sophomore killed in hit-and-run car accident

In Washington, D.C., traffic is heavy and accidents can be high risk. When crowds of people are in the area, an incident like this could quickly lead to injuries and deaths. If you've lost someone you love to a hit-and-run accident like this case, then you may want to consider your options for regaining compensation.

Pregnant District of Columbia women must know antidepressant risk

Giving birth to a premature baby is a fear that almost every woman thinks about at least once during her pregnancy. For some women, this fear is increased because of other medical conditions. Women who suffer from depression and take antidepressant medications while they are pregnant might have cause for alarm, according to a new report published in PLOS One.

Congress is considering newborn screening legislation

When babies are born in America, they undergo a newborn screening process. This process helps to identify diseases, birth injuries and genetic medical conditions that might otherwise go undiagnosed until after it has become too late to treat these conditions properly and effectively. It is therefore critical that newborn screening labs are processed without delay.

Distinguishing truck accident cases from car accident cases

Motor vehicle accidents of all kinds can be injurious, traumatic and even fatal. For survivors, navigating the insurance and legal systems in order to recover proper damages in the wake of such accidents can be a confusing and stressful process. Thankfully, attorneys experienced in personal injury law can help survivors file personal injury claims in order to address the harm that has occurred as a result of any kind of motor vehicle accident.

Professionals disagree on safety of water births

When most pregnant women are preparing for childbirth, they give significant time and thought to the kind of birthing experience they hope to have. Some women plan in advance to use pain medication, while others plan to go without. Some women plan to give birth in hospitals while others opt to give birth at home. And increasingly, many women plan to give birth in pools of water.

Positive news for pedestrians has been released

Being a pedestrian is not often easy in America. Most U.S. cities have been constructed as vehicle-friendly but not as pedestrian-friendly. Many areas of numerous American cities are not even outfitted with sidewalks, let alone with marked crosswalks and other necessary safety measures.

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