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Advancement is made in regards to stroller safety

We frequently warn our readers to never take product safety for granted. Even through the government has a number of checks in place in order to ensure that only safe and effective products reach consumers, a number of dangerous and defective products manage to slip through the cracks of the system on a fairly regular basis.

For example, children's products are among some of the most strictly regulated by the government in terms of safety testing and manufacturing standards. However, not all products are held to the same high thresholds. While products like cribs and safety seats are held to certain stringent standards, other products are governed primarily by safety guidelines that are followed by manufacturers only on a voluntary basis.

The stroller manufacturing industry has long been governed by its own voluntary safety standards. When the American Society for Testing and Materials established these standards, it did a fairly decent job of ensuring that manufacturers which follow the guidelines serve their infant and toddler customers well. However, manufacturers are not required to follow these guidelines. This massive compliance loophole has resulted in preventable injury to our society's smallest members.

As a result of this frustrating compliance loophole, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently released new safety standards for stroller manufacturing. Manufacturers must fully comply with these new standards by September of 2015. These new standards not only mandate that manufacturers comply with the current standards adopted by the industry voluntarily, they actually strengthen these current standards to better ensure the safety of all stroller occupants.

Source: Courthouse News Service, "Stricter Safety Tests Required for Strollers," Jon Chown, March 13, 2014

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