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March 2014 Archives

Think twice before using certain data to compare hospitals

One of the biggest healthcare trends in recent decades has involved mass quantification, both for individual patients and for healthcare systems as a whole. Individuals now have the tools to easily quantify how much sleep they get each night, how far they walk in a given day and how many calories they eat.

Advancement is made in regards to stroller safety

We frequently warn our readers to never take product safety for granted. Even through the government has a number of checks in place in order to ensure that only safe and effective products reach consumers, a number of dangerous and defective products manage to slip through the cracks of the system on a fairly regular basis.

Patients may be suffering from lengthy emergency room wait times

When you need to be treated at the emergency department of your local hospital, you are likely suffering from a pressing health condition that requires urgent attention. However, due to overcrowding, emergency room error rates and other contributing factors, you and others like you may not be treated urgently at all after you sign in at the emergency department.

A potentially dangerous toddler toy has not yet been recalled

If you are the parent or loved one of a toddler, you may have seen the Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse on store shelves. This cute and cuddly seahorse glows and plays ocean sounds and music after toddlers give the seahorse a squeeze. This sounds like the perfect gift for a little one, doesn't it?

Surgical site infections remain a risk in outpatient surgery

When patients undergo outpatient surgery, they are often comforted by the idea that outpatient surgery can be far safer and more routine than complex procedures requiring a hospital stay. However, all surgical procedures carry some risk of complications. In addition hospital errors, inadequate hygiene procedures and other factors can lead individuals who have come through outpatient surgery to suffer surgical site infections.

Avoid driving with your pets in the front seat or on your lap

Pets can bring so much joy to life. Cuddly cats can provide comfort, fish can provide a meditative distraction from the cares of the day and dogs often serve as friendly and trusted companions. It is precisely for these reasons and many others that pet owners are often inspired to give their pets the best possible care and why pet owners often prefer not to be parted from their pets for any significant length of time.

Overdiagnosis is contributing to spread of thyroid cancer

Medical experts have determined that a sharp uptick in the number of newly diagnosed cases of thyroid cancer has resulted primarily from overdiagnosis of numerous, relatively non-aggressive cancers. Not all diagnosis errors involve misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis. Many diagnosis errors that cause patients grave harm involve physicians who are overly aggressive in treating cancers that are too small or too slow moving to cause patients serious harm.

Surgical technique tied to abnormal tissue and spread of cancer

Not all medical errors are intentional. Only those medical errors which occur because a healthcare provider or facility has been negligent or reckless past a legal duty of care to the patient generally rise to the level of medical malpractice. Other medical errors and adverse events occur within the scope of a healthcare provider or facility’s duty of care. These are the kinds of errors that are generally more difficult to hold providers accountable for, simply because they occur even when providers are acting to the best of their professional abilities.

Criticism of CRPs has interesting patient safety implications

Approaches to patient safety within the healthcare community are increasingly being influenced by implementation and analysis of CRPs. CRP is shorthand for communication-and-resolution program. This vague-sounding title refers to a specific kind of response that liability insurers and hospitals take in regards to any negative and unexpected outcome that a patient experiences when given medical care.

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