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February 2014 Archives

FDA calls for drug safety efforts in cooperation with India

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) works continually to ensure that only safe and effective prescription pharmaceuticals and medical devices are allowed onto the marketplace. Not every drug and device that the FDA approves is completely safe for every person. However, the FDA does try mightily to ensure that drugs and devices utilized by patients are reasonably safe, effectively labeled with any necessary warnings and are effective at achieving uses for which they have been approved.

Patient safety scandal involves millions in kickbacks

Physicians owe their patients a certain duty of care. As a result, patients have great reasons to trust that the decisions their physicians make are made in their best interests. When physicians make patient-related decisions not in their patients’ best interests but in service of a financial agenda, a great trust breaks into tiny pieces.

Millions of Graco child car seats are recalled

Almost one year ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began investigating claims that child safety seats manufactured by Graco have a defective buckling mechanism. Given that utilizing defective children’s products can cause children grave injury and even death, these kinds of investigations are generally thorough and are taken very seriously.

New infant formula safety standards set by the FDA

Breastfeeding versus formula feeding is often a controversial topic of conversation. There are numerous reasons why women choose to breastfeed and numerous reasons why other women choose to feed their children formula. Still others choose to alternate both approaches depending on the day’s circumstances. In the end, what truly matters is that formula-fed babies are given a relatively comparable level of nutrition as breastfed babies so that every woman may feel confident in making either feeding choice.

Liability for failure to diagnose heart disease

Some of our readers may not be aware that heart disease is the leading cause of death among most age groups and ethnicities in the United States. It is such a pervasive condition that one would not think that heart disease misdiagnosis is common. After all, if so many patients are struck by this condition, how could a physician possibly miss it?

Study rating Maryland and D.C.'s highway safety laws released

Each year, the alliance known as the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (Advocates) publishes a Roadmap to State Highway Safety Laws. This guide serves as a point of reference for state lawmakers who are concerned about the rate of motor vehicle accidents and accident-related injuries that occur on their state’s highways each year.

New guidelines address dress-related hygiene for physicians

Popular culture insists that the clothes healthcare providers wear is always clean. On television and in the movies, scrubs are always freshly laundered, white coats are always pressed and nursing uniforms are always cozy and inviting. In truth, the clothes that healthcare providers wear come into contact with unclean and potentially dangerous substances simply by being worn during the course of an average day.

FMCSA is targeting unsafe bus and trucking companies

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) often takes an extraordinarily long time to accomplish any sort of safety-related effort with finality. This significant lag time is not necessarily the FMCSA's fault. When it is either charged with action by Congress and when it takes initiative of its own volition, there are numerous regulatory and administrative hoops it must hurdle through before its initiatives can be officially instituted.

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