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January 2014 Archives

Study: Pediatric care quality varies by doctors' preferences

If you are a parent, you likely expect that when your child ends up in the doctor’s office or in the hospital that he or she will receive the care that he or she needs. Unacceptably, recent research indicates that this may not be the case. According to a report compiled by the Dartmouth Atlas Project, children often receive care in accordance with their physicians’ preferences as opposed to what kinds of care they may actually require.

Husband wins $776,000 in medical malpractice lawsuit

Unfortunately for patients, medical mistakes happen more often than some people may think. A recent medical malpractice lawsuit has drawn attention to the seriousness of surgical errors. Residents of the District of Columbia may be interested in the details of this recent case in case it could be applicable to their own similar situation.

Construction worker killed in unusual car accident

When individuals think about a car accident, they may typically think of a standard collision involving only motor vehicles. However, a recent car accident that occurred in the District of Columbia involved not only vehicles, but a construction worker as well. Unfortunately, that worker was killed as a result of the crash.

Flushmate product recalled after toilet explosions

Toilets are necessary fixtures in all Washington, D.C., residences. Many people know what it's like to live with a faulty toilet. Maybe it runs for half an hour every time it is flushed, or maybe the chain wiggles loose regularly. While most of us can handle these minor toilet troubles, imagine what it would be like if your toilet exploded.

Scribes can help to prevent patient safety errors

Most Americans are now aware of the hazards associated with distracted driving. When a motorist takes his or her focus off the task of driving, the likelihood that a collision will occur increases significantly. The plague of distracted driving is not unlike distracted practice of medicine. When physicians are distracted away from what is happening with their patients, the likelihood of medical errors increases.

FDA warns about side effects caused by too much acetaminophen

Mixing over-the-counter drugs with prescription drugs does not ordinarily seem like a risky choice to make. After all, most drugs sold without a prescription are not dangerous when taken by most patients. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now insists that taking too much of one ingredient found in both prescription and over-the-counter medications can lead to dangerous drug side effects.

Be extra careful when traveling by vehicle until winter is over

The recent Polar Vortex phenomenon has made many travelers wary of venturing out in the cold. During one day earlier this month, all 50 states in the union experienced freezing temperatures and weather forecasters have predicted that similar drops in average temperatures could occur again this winter. As a result, motorists have good reason to be concerned. After all, car accidents inspired by cold weather conditions can be frightening, costly and can cause significant injury.

Anti-speeding ads crack down on car accident numbers?

Reckless driving accidents are responsible for thousands of deaths every year. Despite the many attempts made by police officers to warn drivers and increase messages of safety via local and federal agencies during the holidays, the accidents still unfortunately happen. The District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) has recently released an ad to warn against the dangers of speeding and decrease car accident numbers.

CPSC releases critical information on carbon monoxide poisoning

Do you or any of your loved ones use a portable generator for any reason? Does your residential building or employer use one of these devices? If so, it is critical that you safeguard yourself from these potentially defective or dangerous products. Portable generators can be literal lifesavers during power outages for vulnerable populations who require electricity for medical care. However, they can also become silent killers under certain circumstances.

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