Washington, D.C., Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

At Fay Law Group, P.A., we know how to assist those who have been injured in parking ramps and parking lots across Maryland and the District of Columbia. Business owners are required to keep their parking facilities maintained and have a legal duty to ensure the area is safe for visitors. When their negligence leads to your injury, they should be held responsible for the costs incurred.

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Resolving Issues Surrounding Parking Lot Falls and Other Injuries

When a parking ramp, garage or other parking facility is improperly maintained, dangerous conditions can begin to exist. Potholes can develop, cracks can start to appear, stairs can deteriorate and proper lighting can go out. All of these lead to a higher probability that accidents will occur, leading to premises liability claims toward the owner of the area.

Whether you were driving your car, riding a bike or simply walking, if you received an injury in a parking lot, our Washington, D.C., attorneys can help. We will analyze your claims and build a plan of action specifically for you.

Assistance When Your Loved Ones Are Injured

Often times, injuries in parking lots involve slip-and-fall accidents with elderly victims. If your mother, father or grandparent has tripped and fallen in a parking garage, you can rely on our team at Fay Law Group, P.A., to investigate the matter and inform you of all your options.

Even if you feel the fall was partially your loved one's fault, we can still let you know if your claim has merit. We will provide you with the straightforward answers you are looking for in a free consultation.

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