Washington, D.C., Insufficient Maintenance Accident Lawyer

Maryland Negligent Maintenance Injury Attorney

Fay Law Group, P.A., represents injured individuals and those who have lost a loved one in accidents resulting from dangerous property conditions because of insufficient or improper maintenance of equipment, structures or grounds in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Our firm is recognized as one of the leading personal injury litigation firms in the Washington, D.C., region. With more than 40 years of trial experience backing our success, our premises liability lawyers have earned a reputation for integrity, honest hard work for our clients and a gritty, intelligent approach to recovering the full and fair amount of financial damages you deserve.

Why Not Accept a Settlement From the Property Owner?

Following an accident resulting from poor property maintenance or equipment servicing, you may receive a call from the property owner or insurance company, seeking to offer what it says will be a fair settlement for your damages. It is rarely a good idea to negotiate your own settlement with the party that is liable for your injuries. Talk to us first about the circumstances of your accident. We will give you a full, fair and honest assessment of whether you should pursue a lawsuit for higher damages or accept the settlement being offered. We will not talk you into pursuing litigation unless we are confident you are not being offered the full and fair amount you deserve.

We can help you recover maximum money damages for injuries resulting from negligent property maintenance, including:

  • Falling ceiling or wall tiles
  • Wall and roof collapses
  • Stairway railing failure
  • Loose stair treads resulting in s lip-and-fall injuries

  • Escalator injuries
  • Overhead door accidents
  • Unrepaired sidewalks, parking lot and pavement
  • Broken glass
  • Furnace or boiler explosions
  • Electrical shock injuries

Free Consultation · We Represent Clients on a Contingency Fee Basis

Our Washington, D.C., insufficient maintenance accident attorneys represent clients throughout the District of Columbia and Maryland. Call us at 202-644-8854 or toll free 800-522-2715 or contact us by e-mail to arrange a free consultation. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis — no attorneys' fees unless we help you recover money damages in a settlement or jury verdict.