Birth Injuries

Medical Malpractice: Birth Injuries and OB/GYN Negligence

The trial attorneys of Fay Law Group advise women and families about their legal rights for injuries or fatalities resulting from a doctor's negligence in obstetric practice, prenatal care and childbirth. To learn whether you have a viable claim for malpractice associated with a birth injury or harm to the mother, contact our office for a free consultation.

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Our lawyers work towards the proof of liability and damages in cases involving:

  • Failure to diagnose health problems in an expectant mother
  • Negligence during delivery on the part of an obstetrician, anesthesiologist or nurse
  • Birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy or brachial plexus
  • Medical errors concerning the timing or execution of a C-section
  • Negligent failure to protect against perinatal infection
  • Failure to monitor or interpret vital signs of the mother or fetus during delivery
  • Injuries to the mother caused by undiagnosed or untreated placental abruption

An important strength of our practice lies in our ability to develop thoroughly documented damage claims that the cover the full range of a family's losses and future treatment needs. In the most serious birth injury cases, there will be little question as to the severity of the child's condition, but the amount necessary for compensation will be sharply contested.

Fay Law Group serves the needs of clients in the District of Columbia and Maryland. For a free evaluation of your family's claims, contact our office in Washington, D.C.