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Medical studies indicate that a significant majority of elderly people who suffer a broken hip in a fall will die within three years of the injury. A bone fracture suffered by an elderly person will often cause medical problems throughout the body, as organs and other systems no longer have the capacity to fight back.

Fall Injuries and Acts of Elder Negligence Are Not Acceptable

Nursing home staffs are responsible for supervising residents and ensuring that patients confined to wheelchairs or walkers use their devices properly. If an infirm resident is allowed to walk even a short distance without assistance or the aid of a supporting device, it can result in a serious fall injury.

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Wheelchair and Transportation Injuries

Nursing home staff members must be trained in the proper procedures for moving a patient into and out of a wheelchair. Without proper techniques, elderly people are in danger of fractures and other injuries. When transporting wheelchair residents in a van, staff members must take every precaution to ensure the wheelchair is secured properly prior to operating the automatic lift system. Inside the van, there are procedures for securing the wheelchair to keep it from rolling and tipping. If your loved one was injured in a wheelchair transport injury, the staff may have been negligent.

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