What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents?

If riders can familiarize themselves with the most common motorcycle accident causes, they can better avoid them.

Those who cruise the streets of Washington D.C. or even the rider who pass through the area all know that safety is a priority. The question that many do not ask themselves, however, is whether or not their driving habits are as safe as possible. It turns out that there are patterns to how crashes occur, with some causes being a lot more common than others. If a rider can recognize the mistakes that others have made, he or she will then be able to identify and eliminate the high-risk behaviors in his or her own driving.

The statistics around alcohol use

Of course, driving under the influence puts not only the perpetrating driver, but all others on the road, at risk. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration's 2013 data shows that of all of the deaths that happened to motorcycle riders in that year, 40 percent involved drivers who were impaired by alcohol. Another interesting statistic from that year is that, on average, the highest percentage of drivers who were impaired during fatal crashes were in fact operating motorcycles at the time.

The dangers of speeding

It is well-known that motorcycle riders are more exposed to the threat of injury because of the nature of the vehicles they drive. Despite this, it appears that motorcycle riders were more likely than any other kind of vehicle operators to have been speeding when a fatal crash occurred. Only 8 percent of drivers of large trucks were speeding, while for drivers of light trucks the number rises to 18 percent. In 21 percent of these fatal incidents involving passenger cars, the drivers were speeding. However, for motorcycle riders, the number jumps to a whopping 34 percent.

Even exceeding the posted speed limit can be considered a speed violation. It is true, however, that fatal crashes have also involved drivers who were driving too fast for certain hazardous conditions, or drivers who were attempting to race one another.

Habits to eliminate

Besides speeding and using alcohol, there are a few other mistakes that riders make too often. Patience is an important part of safety in any area, and when it comes to riding a motorcycle, failing to get proper training and licensure can spell disaster. Unexpected hazards are another huge cause of accidents for riders. One situation that is often cited as a common cause of motorcycle accidents is when a rider is in the blind spot of a car when trying to pass or turn left.

A crash involving a motorcycle or any vehicle in Washington D.C. can lead to expensive medical costs, and even if those can be paid, the pain and suffering may last longer. With the advice of an attorney in the local area who practices personal injury law, it may be possible to secure financial compensation.