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Apparent surgical error results in removal of wrong organ

Patients in Washington, D.C. who undergo surgery are under anesthesia the whole time, meaning they are unconscious and helpless, their very lives placed in the surgeons' hands. With such high stakes, surgeons are expected to carefully review all pertinent information before every surgery to ensure they are fully prepared to perform each operation correctly and avoid surgical error. How frightening, then, to think that a surgeon might claim to have reviewed all appropriate documents and be familiar with a patient's case, only for the patient to awaken and find that the surgeon had removed a perfectly healthy organ instead of a cancerous tumor.

In another state, a recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit claims that this nightmare scenario is exactly what occurred. The patient, an 83-year-old man, has filed a civil suit against a hospital and several doctors, alleging that, during a surgery to remove a tumor attached to his right kidney, they instead took out his healthy left kidney. Additionally, the complaint alleges, members of the surgical team went so far as to falsely file reports stating that they had reviewed the medical records and pertinent documents before the operation took place.

Family suing for exposure injuries from prescription medication

Doctors in Washington, D.C. and everywhere else in the country have the responsibility to ensure that the medications they prescribe to patients don't end up doing more harm than good. It is important to make sure that a patient is informed and aware of the potential side effects and hazards associated with any prescription medication, to minimize risk and maximize safety. In another state, a man and his wife are suing on behalf of their family after a slew of health problems resulted from just such a failure to inform.

The lawsuit alleges that the man's use of a prescription topical testosterone product resulted in serious medical problems for his wife and children after they repeatedly came into physical contact with him over a prolonged period. The lawsuit names as defendants the Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy, the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine and the physicians at Akasha who prescribed the product. The suit alleges that, when they prescribed the bio-identical hormone therapy replacement cream, no one warned the man of the risks posed to women and children through accidental prolonged exposure to testosterone.

Woman mistakenly given prescription medication at 10x normal dose

Most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between two completely different types of medication at a glance, let alone whether the pills they were taking as prescribed were of a different dosage than usual. For this reason, residents of Washington, D.C. rely on their pharmacists to be conscientious when it comes to filling their prescriptions, because when it comes to prescription medication, even "small" pharmaceutical errors can prove devastating if not fatal. A woman in another state saw firsthand just how dangerous such mistakes can be.

Almost two years ago, the woman's local CVS pharmacy apparently filled her prescription incorrectly, with the right medication but at a dose 10 times what had been prescribed. Her normal dosage was for 10 mg of the medication, and instead, the pharmacy filled it with 100 mg per dose, she claims. Because of this, the woman recently filed a lawsuit against the pharmacy.

Walmart shopper seeking $1M after slip-and-fall accident

When Washington, D.C. individuals enter a business, they have the reasonable right to expect a safe environment. That is, business owners are legally responsible for ensuring that their properties are free of hazardous conditions that could cause injury to others who come to the premises to visit or shop. In another state, a Walmart allegedly failed to do just that and is facing a premises liability lawsuit over a slip-and-fall accident that occurred there.

A shopper is suing the multi-billion dollar corporation for injuries she suffered in April 2015. The complaint alleges that there was water on the floor where the woman was entering and that she stepped into it and slipped. Her fall to the ground caused her to break her hip.

Johnson & Johnson sued over prescription medication Xarelto

As many residents of Washington, D.C., may already be aware, 2016 was not the best year for the company Johnson & Johnson, and, with thousands of both state and federal lawsuits against them already, 2017 isn't shaping up to be much better. This newest round of pharmaceutical litigation involves the prescription medication Xarelto. The lawsuits all involve individuals who experienced severe internal bleeding after taking the anticoagulant.

Xarelto was developed to be an alternative to the drug warfarin, brand name Coumadin. A prescription medication used to thin the blood, Warfarin has been around for nearly 70 years. Its blood-thinning properties are easily reversed with a dose of vitamin K, but this means that patients cannot eat any foods containing that vitamin while using the medication.

Controversial medical malpractice bill proposes damage cap

A controversial bill in another state may, if it passes, have far-reaching consequences that could spread across the nation, setting a precedent that could potentially affect residents of Washington, D.C. The proposed bill hopes to cap limits on non-economic awards -- like damages for pain and suffering – in medical malpractice lawsuits. The bill also hopes to pre-screen for merit in these cases, requiring certification to prove that the litigation is strong enough to move forward to trial.

Some people, though, are speaking out against the proposal. The new bill would mean that even individuals seriously injured as a result of doctor or surgeon error would face limited awards from any successfully litigated lawsuits. This despite the fact that cases of medical negligence tend to be extremely expensive, with ongoing healthcare often necessary for the remainder of the victims' lives. Limiting the amount of damages could make it economically impossible for some individuals to even attempt to initiate the claim in the first place, making a fight for justice and compensation nigh impossible.

Guilty plea entered re drunk driving accident

A man who was accused of causing the deaths of five people was scheduled to go to trial on a recent Monday. The drunk driving accident in which he was involved occurred in Oct. 2014. The man pleaded guilty to five separate charges of negligent manslaughter, along with a slew of additional charges.

Prosecutors alleged that the defendant was driving under the influence in a Washington, D.C. suburb in Maryland when he collided with the back of a car stopped at a red light. Reportedly, he was speeding when he crashed into the back of the other vehicle. Additionally, it was reported that the man should not have been driving in the first place, as not only was he operating the vehicle with a suspended license at the time, but he had been drinking.

Monsanto facing product liability suit over weed-killer Roundup

Monsanto is likely a name familiar to most residents of Washington, D.C. The multi-billion-dollar corporation is making national headlines yet again after a slew of complaints in state and federal courts across the country over the health risks of a chemical in one of their products. In another state, the company is facing a product liability suit brought by a group of 40 individuals who allege exposure to the company's weed-killing product Roundup directly resulted in their non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The recently filed complaint alleges that Monsanto suppressed genuine research that demonstrated the dangers of the chemical known as glyphosate, one of the ingredients in the Roundup weed killer. Allegedly, the company also promoted false data showing glyphosate as safe and non-carcinogenic. Unsealed documents suggest that employees went so far as to ghostwrite fake studies and attribute the papers to academic researchers. These same documents indicate that a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency senior employee cooperated with the company in the suppression of ingredient reviews.

Jury awards $2.1 in Target slip and fall accident suit

Owners of businesses and public properties in Washington, D.C., are responsible for maintaining the safety of their premises. In a nearby state, however, a Target apparently failed to ensure that their store was free of hazardous conditions. A woman was just awarded $2.1 million dollars by a jury after her slip and fall accident at that location.

The incident apparently occurred when the woman was shopping at the Target and came to an area where the floor had recently been mopped. A soda bottle had fallen off a shelf and spilled all over the aisle, and Target employees apparently cleaned a large area with a substance that was very wet and soapy. While they did put up cones around the area to warn nearby shoppers, the suit alleged that the employees were rather careless with their cone placement, as the slippery area extended far beyond the part that had been cordoned off.

Delayed diagnosis allegedly results in traumatic brain injury

Residents of Washington, D.C., and, indeed, all people across the nation need to be able to rely on prompt and accurate health care diagnoses. In fact, in many instances, a delayed diagnosis can prove not only severely detrimental but fatal. Thankfully, in one such case in another state, the victim of the alleged medical negligence did not die, but his health and well-being paid a high price for a health care professional's error.

In August 2016, the man arrived at the hospital with a left facial droop, slurred speech and drooling. A radiologist at the hospital performed an MRI and, after analyzing the results, allegedly diagnosed no abnormalities. However, the man's symptoms did not improve, and several hours later, the patient was transferred to a medical center.

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